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How to order

The supplementary information:

The process of the complaint procedur is in accordance with the Civil Code (goods purchased by a non-enterpreneur) and in accordance with the Commercial Code ( goods purchased by an individual or a legal person).

The warranty period is two years for new shoes and half a year for shoes repair.

The following cases are not covered by warranty:

- when the product being claimed for has expired its warranty period

- when the product has been unprofessionally adjusted or repaired

- when the product has been used contrary to the operating manual instructions

Placing an order for our established models of footwear:

Thank you for choosing one of our products. Because we manufacture footwear only on order and due to our production capacity being limited, and the large numbers of orders we receive, we have longer delivery periods (2 and 4 months) after ordering the goods for the chosen designs of footwear.

If you have already chosen from our established supply of footwear and have measured the size of the soles of your feet (foot), please fill out the order form including your contact details and the required time for the completion of the footwear. You can attach your required adjustments or changes to the order form and send this by email or post to our address.

We will then confirm your order and agree on any adjustment of your required time for delivery or any required changes and modifications of footwear.

We will inform you one or two weeks before the start of production.  After the completion  of your order we will send you a report where there will be attached a copy of the invoice and contact details of our bank. After your payment of the goods on our account we will immediately send you the footwear to the provided address and we will also notify you of this.

Placing an order for new footwear models:

If you are interested in the manufacture of footwear , which is not in our offer, we will be glad to help you with the production of the new model.

In this case, however, please expect a delivery time from  4 to 6 months and in the case of a greater demand of the cut or a great demand of material, we may request a deposit payment in advance.

Please send us your requirements and if it is possible, please attach photos or a picture of the footwear you require and attach also the order form.

We will continuously consult and inform you over the developed production of the new model.

Ordering silk or brocaded shoes:

In the case of an order of shoes from silk material, we can offer an almost unlimited palette of colours of real natural silk.

However, if you decide on footwear of the brocaded material, in this case our offer is limited. Nevertheless, we can offer you the opportunity of sending you our own brocaded or other suitable material from which you can make your shoes.

If you are interested, we will send you a picture of our current offer of brocaded cloth on request.

We look forward to our cooperation with you.

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