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Custom manufacture of historic and folklore footwear

We produce for

Reenactor groups, representing living history and folklore dance groups from almost whole Europe and others.


Our production includes periods from 16. to 20. centuries and our effort is to come to the original footwears as closely as possible.

Our shoes

Footwear in our catalog is made by contemporary regulations, illustrations and original footwears placed in museums across the whole world.

About us

We are a small family-owned company dealing with the manufacture of historic and ethnological shoes. We make shoes for groups of reenactors of living history, and folklore dance groups from all over Europe.

Our production covers the period from the 16th to the 20th century and we try to be as similar as possible to the shoes of that period-the cuts, production technologies and materials from which these shoes were made. We offer shoes which are made to the contemporary regulations, illustrations and original shoes that are placed in museums all around the world. Our range of shoes is constantly expanding with new models due to the wishes of our loyal and new customers.

In addition to the custom manufacturing of shoes we also repair them-both historical and contemporary.

Besides manufacturing footwear we also perform repairs and not only to our production but also commonly worn shoes from all manufacturers and sellers in our market. The scope of repairs is almost unlimited, depending on the state of damage of the shoes and the mutual agreement with our customer. For repairs we use only the most modern materials and semi-finished products used in the shoe industry. You can bring your damaged shoes directly to our workshop or to one of our two shoe repair shops in the villages of Blatnice pod Sv. Antonínkem or Strání. The working hours depend on our orders.

We look forward to your visit.

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